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The morning after my judging in the West of England  and South  Wales Airedale Terrier Club, my friends Ruth and Donald Millar, and Laura and Jukka from Finland, picked me up for a trip. We went to Bathampton, a small town near the incredible Bath city. The main object of the short trip was to visit my dear teacher and friend Mrs. Mollie Harmsworth´s grave where she rests in a small cementery near the Avon River. I used to go everytime when visiting England.  The flowers were from Diane Hunter´s garden. After this emotive moment we went to have lunch to a pub near the cementery. Everybody laughed when I asked the waitress for “COKE” to drink. All of us were very glad having a good time, talking about our airedale dogs, and the wonderful people we met along our lives as breeders, some of them passed away. After this admirable journey, we returned to Hunter´s house with a perdurable love feelings  to my friends Mollie and Jack. We travelled through amazing places as Cheddar town. I said good bye to my friends Millar, and Laura and Jukka. At Hunter´s house I enjoyed their four airedales and their tender home. Thanks Ruth, Laura, Donald and Jukka for the wondering moment you presented to me.


Julio María De Cristófaro

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