On this photo Javier with Ch.Fairyland Grace at "Los Dragones"

Our friendship was long and very special. He was a boy when we met. We learned, worked and travelled together to many, many shows. Eventually, he became my handler. As I trusted him, I gave him my best dogs to train and show. He treated them with kindness and understanding, they made great teams. Javier will always stay in my memory, and my affection for him will last forever.



On this photo Carlos Marķa with Bengal Sapphire

I was bound to Carlos through strong family ties. But our mutual affection grew stronger as we shared the same hopes and longings, the same interest: the pleasing task of breeding Airedales. So we became very close, working together at the Airedale Terrier Club Argentino, competing at shows and spending hole afternoons in the kennels. That bonds lasted until the early and painful disappearance of my dear cousin Carlos. He will always have a special place in my heart.



When I bought Eng.Int.Ch.Bengal Tarquin, I didn't know I would conquer the most endurable and lasting friendship with his owner, the biggest and famous Airedale Terrier breeder at that time. They trusted me, and teached me everything I know, I didn't know how to use a trimming knive properly then . Mollie went so far as to take my trimming table out in the garden and rammed it into the ground. She made me put Tarquin on it, and start burrowing the legs of the table, until it reached the proper heigh for me to work on the dog. She marked the legs, and send me to have them cut. She even started crying, when she saw me trying to trim my bitch lying on its side!. She almost despaired, and threatened to take Tarquin back with her to England if I ever did something like that again. I will never forget her she and Jack will stay forever in my heart.



Bevin“s photo winning BIS and receiving the Challenger Cup from "FCA"

Bevin meant one of the biggest emotions in my live with dogs. I had to trim and handle Ch. Cefnbryn Kibella, property of Silvia Greene and Toto Di Pace. He was at that moment (and kept this position) the First Dog of All Breeds in Argentina of the year 1981. The biggest and most important Challenger Cup in the history of dog shows in Argentina was in competence. At the end of the day, Bevin got it, winning Best in Show. In the photograph, lovable Bevin and Javier (in plaster), my dearest and always remembered Susana Greene, the judge, the president of the FCA Mr. Rizzi and, of course, myself. That day is engraved in my heart and my memory for ever.