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CH. Fairyland Candy

Argentina's Best Airedale 1996 (ATCA)
Argentina´s Top Airedale Bitch 1997 (ATCA)





ARG. CH. Fairyland Diana

2nd Argentina's Best Airedale 1996 (ATCA)





Fairyland Adorable Goldina

On the photo winning Best of Winner, under famous judge and breeder Mrs. Olive Jackson. She is at Lucy and Jorge Carballo´s home, in Pensilvania.



Goldina at Montgomery 1996

ARG. CH. Fairyland Nightingale


Gale was Argentina´s Top Airedale Bitch of years 1991 and 1994. (ATCA)
On the photo Gale winning Reserved Best in Show and Best Bitch under famous judge and Breeder Mr. David Scawthorn.


Gale winning Best Puppy in Show under famous judge and breeder Mrs Mareth Kipp.

ARG. CH.Fairyland Honeymoon


ARG. CH. Fairyland Kingdom



In these photos, King is winning Best Of Group under world famous judge
Mrs Anne Roger Clark.

ARG. CH. Fairyland Xanadu


Argentina´s Top Airedale 1985 (FCA)

Arg.Ch. Fairyland Yuke Fellow

INT. SUD. ARG. CH. Fairyland Grace



Grace in 1983 was Best Terrier Bitch 1983

ARG. CH. Fairyland For Ever Good Florence


Goody traveled to the famous Kennel Seneca, mated by INT.CH. Perrancourt Piquet, where her puppies were born . She was Argentina´s Top Airedale in 1980. She is the only daughter of Tarquin who trod American ground.

Hillcross the Charmer for Jokyl


Picture of the Hillcross The Charmer For Jokyl
In the Jokyl with Mary Swash

ARG. CH. Terrydale Backdraft

ARG. CH. Jokyl Leader of the Pack


Argentina´s Best Terrier 1988 (FCA)

ARG. CH. Stargus He´s a Saint


Argentina´s Best Airedale 1987 (FCA)

INT.CH.Perrancourt Piquet



Pickle winning at 6 1/2 years Best in Specialty Show with English judge Mr. Al Favel

Russian Champion Fairyland Pampa Argentina
Russian Champion Fairyland Cecil



CECIL and PAMPA are Russian Champion. They are in the home of Elena and Sergey Nikulin in your famous kennel KORNELS from 1994.

Russian Champion Malvina and Patagonia Argentina



MALVINA and PATAGONIA are Russian Champion.  They are in the home of Natasha Gurko from 1994.