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Gerry Howells

A man Argentinians will never forget


When I think about him, and remember him, I feel the urge to tell you about our dear friend who has left us.

The year 1981 was just beginning. Autumn was in the air. The red and yellow leaves gave a singular colouring to the landscape. In Villa Gesell, the International Championship Show for All Breeds, and the Speciality of the Airedale Terrier Club of Argentina, were due to be held. Both were to be judged by the prestigious Mr. Gerry Howells, a well-known English judge, invited by my friend Dr. Jorge Roncoroni.

His stay in Villa Gesell, a samall tourist town by the Atlantic Ocean, was unforgettable. Villa Gesell is  400 km to the South-West from Buenos Aires, and has one of the prettiest beaches on our Argentinian Sea. Our guest, such a nice lovable person, knew how to win sympathy and affection from both winners and losers alike.

Then he came to our capital, Buenos Aires. He spent a few days in a little village, Tortuguitas, which is 40 Km outside Buenos Aires. He managed to adopt and follow a group of young Airedalers on visits to the city and breeding kennels. We were all very young. I was the oldest at 27, Javier, my handler, was 5 years younger and my dearest friend Britta, now Mrs. Schwarz, was just 19.

We visited a lot of places and drove through all of the city. At one of the most important corners, where two very big avenues meet, a TV reporter was asking passers-by who they through was the Woman of the Year. When the question was put to our visitor, he answered with singular sympathy and a twinkle in his eye - "Grace". Grace (Ch.Fairyland Grace) was the Airedale Terrier bitch whom he had made Best in Show.

At the start I wrote "our dear friend who has left us", and that is true. I reoeat it because he left us with a deep feeling of friendship, and memories of unforgettable moments spent together.

That is why he will stay in our memory forever. That is why we Argentinians will never forget him.




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