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Airedales In Argentina

When in our country, Argentina, we speak of Airedales, we think of England at once. Strong bonds tie us with that country.

It is just enough to read our history to realize how important the english influence was to be for the integral formation of the country.

Since last century, these bonds became even closer, evident in the development of culture, public transport, rail-road business, general trade companies, etc.

Also, there where lots and lots of english families that settled down in Argentina. They brought the first Airedales with them, and gave us the opportunity to get to know our beloved breed. The Big Immigration of english families after World War One was the beginning for the breed in Argentina.

For the purpose of this article, I will start with1960. In this decade, a lot of studs and bitches came from England. It was the first important phase in my memory: the arrival of Ch. Bengal Carnival, Ch. Bengal Squire, Ch. Bengal Knight, among some others. They improved the overall quality of the existing Airedales a lot, breeders had begun the first stage of hard work: trying to level the general standard.

At the beginning of the ’70, german bloodlines came to our country: vigour and stamina where the slogan. this important part of the history we owe to Ch. Graf von der Canisburg. With him came Vivian von der Canisburg, and from England Ch. Siccawei Penny Royal.

In the mid seventies, Ch. Wait ‘N’ See of jokyl was imported from England to Villa Gesell, a beautifull beach town on the Atlantic Ocean, 400 km southwest from Buenos Aires. He imprinted lots of class on his offspring. With him came the best bitch ever to be imported from England, I mean Ch. Hillcross Heidee.

In the last seventies, Ch. Bengal Tarquin arrived. He imprinted class, great quality and most of all his air. With him, the Airedale Terrier was at the tops of the Ranking of the Federacion Cinologica Argentina, for the first time in history, an Airedale was third best dog of all breeds. He came accompanied by Bengal Sapphire.

In the eighties, from Brasil came Ch. Bengal Gay Gordon’s Pomp and Circumstance, he had lots of beautifull offspring. Ch. Perrancourt Piquet came in those years too, a dog that established the big work the other studs had done.

In the late eighties, Ch. Black Jack Ringo Star came from the United States. With all the important breeding that had be done with english bloodlines, this new american dog stamped on his offspring the great qualities of his father, Ch. Black Jack Mighty Samson. Specialy, he improved hind movements.

At the beginning of the ’90, we had Ch. Bravo Ironman of Santeric on leave from the United States for a year. Some years later, Ch. Black Jack’s Danny’s Double.

This are some of the dogs and bitches that made a mark in the history of our breed in Argentina. Others with excellent qualyties and show records, last but not least important, where:

Ch.Bengal Knight, Ch.Bengal Squire, Ch.Bengal Carnival, Ch. Graf Von Der Canis-burg, Gundi Von Hengstbachtal, Ch.Siccawei Penny Royal, Ch. Vian Von Der Canis-burg, Wynadale Ensign of Mynair, Jokyl Cingeena, Ch. Junaken Lancer of Bengal, Ch. Wait´n See Of Jokyl, Ch.Hillcross Heidee, Ch.Bengal Tarquin, Bengal Saphire, Ch. Jokyl Merrymaker, Ch. Ali del Realcal, Ch. Loudwell Mimosa, Ch. Bengal Indian Summer, Ch. Bengal Leaderette, Ch.Perrancourt Piquet, Ouachita Texas Boy, Ch.Bengal Gay Gordon´s Pomp and Circunstance,  Ch.Bengal Aries, Stone Ridge Gin Daisy, Stone Ridge Autunmist, Starcyl Fire of Saredon, Hillcross The Charmer for Jokyl, Condor Von Garnsee, Castleford´sAlice, Ch. Terrydale Backdraft, Ch.Condor Von Garnsee, Ch.Bengal Sahib, Ch.Saredon Duke Earl, Ch.Black Jack Ringo Star, Ch.Karudon Katkandu of Jokyl, Ch.Castleford´s Colt, Ch. Casteford´s Gin Tanqueray, ChJokyl Wizzard, Ch.Moraine Where Eagles Dare,  Ch.Greenfield Macanudo.

 I have to mention a great Airedale, a dog that conquered record never beaten in the history of argentine dogdoom. I am refering to Ch. Bengal Sahib. He was Second Best Dog of all breeds in Argentina a record never beaten by any Airedale in our country.

May I detail a list of some of the most important breeders, and their kennel names. The years listed are the beginning of their show career.

Burgin-Nigrub’s 1960, Roncoroni A – El Castaño 1969, Ortlieb-Von Lie 1969, Amespil-San Vicente 1973, Plimet-María Luisa 1973, Volpato-Puppy’s House 1974, Ruibal Rey-The Hippy 1974, Santos-Perdriel 1974, Gabastou-Oak Grove 1975, Roncoroni J-Chosica 1976, Arano-La quelí 1976, Achabal-Histerias 1976, Olcese-Las Retamas 1977, Picarel Fransica-Highbreed 1977, De Cristófaro-Fairyland 1977, Alsina-Nagual 1981, Llauro.Llauro´s 1981, Lopez Davila-Seadale 1985, Palomeque- Brawfarm 1986, Frigerio-Black Dagger’s 1986, Araoz-Blue Team 1986, Culi-Herlix 1986, Wacker-Ariston 1987, Barron-Von Barron 1987, Accquini-Medieval Brugge.

 Without doubt, as a product of the importations of different quality bloodlines and the hard work and effort of the breeders, the first English Champion born in Argentina cristalized, Ch. Fenómeno de Nagual, breed by Patricia and Roberto Alsina. He is our representant.

This is our small history of our great dogs. We managed to combine the important english influence in our dog’s bloodlines with german and american bloodlines.

Now, we will arrive, all together, to the next millenium.

Julio Maria De Cristofaro

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