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The Wonder of the White Nights

I'd  like  to dedicate this article to all those beautiful people that opened their heart and made one of the best moments of  my  life  with Airedales  possible,  specialty to little person, of only three years, who knew how to retain my love forever. I mean Natasha Gurko.  But  I send them all my most sincere thanks.


LIBERTY ! A magic  word,  so  beautiful,  so  easy to pronounce, so desired to maintain and so important for the everyday life of  us  all. Russia,  that country envolved by a halo of mistery, can enjoy it only since four year. Breathing it, forcing  their  willpower  to  win  and obtaining  its  noble  aims,  they got over obstacles and were able to integrate that wonderfull feeling to their existence. We  wrote  September  1993.  To my total surprise, I recieved a letter from Saint  Petersburg, Russia, signed  by  a  Mr.Andrew  Gurko.  My surprise  became astonishment as I read: I was beeing invited to judge the annual show of the "Russian National Airedale Terrier Association” in May, 1994. I  decided  myself  at  that very moment, I looked upon this trip as a new experience. As I had to take four puppies with me, I had  to  plan it   carefully.  I  traveled  with  Aeroflot,  and  they  had  special atentions with me and the puppies: I could visit them, play, feed  and water  them every time I wanted to during the flight, a certainly long one, it lasted 22 hours. Well, at last it came,  after  known  preparatives  and  never  ending questions,  the  day  of  taking the flight, May 16th. Off we went, my cousin Carmen, the four puppies Cecil, Patagonia, Pampa, Malvina and me. It was a terrific flight, the russian airplane behaved like  a  Jumbo, with the advantage that I could be with my puppies. After  22  hours  of  traveling, seventeen of them flying, stopping in Brasil, in the beautifull city called "San  Salvador  de  Bahia",  the lonely  island of "Cabo Verde" and in Argelia, we arrived in Moscow in the first hours of Wednesday. There, all the directives of the club were awaiting us. After a  short rest,  we  took  the train to Saint Petersburg. We arrived there after crossing amazing landscapes during nine hours. The chairman of the club, Andrew Gurko, installed us  in  his  fathers house, where we lived until we had to go back. On Thursday and Friday we visited the beautifull city. At  last  it  was  Saturday,  a day I waited so long for and which had created great expextation in the airedalers. The day of the  show  had arrived! The  show  was  held  in  a big sports center, a two day event full of intense work. I dictated all critics in spanish to  my  secretary,  my cousin  Carmen,  after each judging. She in turn dictated them to Miss Tania, our sapanish-russian translator.  Tania  gave  the  critics  to another  person,  who  tiped  them,  so  they  could  be  given to the exhibitors on the same day. On  Saturday  I  judged  males  (35 dogs). In the Junior class, Strate Fare Non Stop[1]was first. Torvald Velstau, whose  father  would  become later  Best  Male  and  Best  in  Show,  won the Junior class. In Open class, Shelfrefe Style was first and Jokyl Against All  Odds was  his runner  up.  This two could compete in any country of the world. Going on with the judging, the 4rth. class, Winners, was won  by  Strongford Podarock, a  superb Airedale, with excellent front and hind movement. He  became,  at  the end of the day, the Best Male of the Show, and in Sunday Best in Show. On Sunday I had the pleasure to judge all  bitches  (42  females).  On Junior  class,  I  want  to  name Solf  Air  Vekey, her  mother is a Beacytan, she is a beautifull bitch, very femenine with  an  excellent head,  she  was  first.  Second in that class was Nakles Tale and It's Eze Cornels third. All three are lovely bitches. In Young bitches, I put Nikolette g.v.Rottumer Hot up,a  daughter  of Ballintoberm  Gold  of Saredon, a superb bitch who could succeed under the most critical judges, very femenine, she showed  herself  all  the time.  In  Open class Chiflow Kanige Obertaich was first, a very sound one, she and Nikolette could compete in any  country.  The  winner  of the  Open  class was Best Bitch of the show, although in some moment I doubted between her and the winner of the Young class. In the Winners class, the decision between the first  and  the  second was  very  hard,  both  are really very nice, strong and of good size. Since I had to  choose  won, Rotby  Malosante was  first  and Rotby Darflay Bright second. After,  the  judging,  I  recieved  the most emotive demonstrations of friendship. On Tuesday we got together at the Club, where  I  had  the satisfaction  to  talk  with  exhibitiors  and  lovers  of  the breed. Answering questions, changing ideas  and  exposing  concepts,  a  very cordial afternoon went by. On  wednesday  we  met  again,  this  time  to  have  something like a trimming practice between friends. Our kind nosts took us around on the following days, showing  us  more details  of  that  great  city,  Saint Petersburg, with its wonderfull cites, the magnificient  trees,  its  museums,  its  palaces  and  its peoples.

Then,  we  went  to Moscou, following  a  kind  invitation  from our friends, where we visited the Red-Square,  the Kremlin and the Metro. To resume all this comments, remembering the long days that  made  the nights  became "  Beautifull White Nights "and the pleasants moments we lived, the reflexion that comes to my  mind  is  that  this  people have  achieved  in  four  years  of freedom a real miracle, not only a reality, with strenght, sacrifice and courage. About their animals, it is enough to see their parks, the  Metro,  the shops  to  realize  how  much  they  love  them, in my specific case I noticed it with the Airedales. Seeing  Natasha  of  only  three  years handling,  playing  and  fondling  her  puppies  is  enough  to relize positively that the future full of promises  and  accomplished  dreams belongs to them. I could never forget such a wonderfull experience, I could never stop remembering my russian friends with all the love they roused in me.

May God bless them.


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