Rus.Ch.Fairyland Walter

Int.Sud.Arg.Ch.Jokyl Leader Of The Pack Ginger Voila of Stanstead Eng.Ch.Double Dutch of Clare Eng.Ch.Drakeham Derby Day
Suemans Cintroid
Eng.Ch.Drakehall Diadem Am.Ch.Turith Adonis
Eng.Ch.Siccawei Ruby
Jokyl Gladrags Eng.Ch.Siccawei Galliard Eng.Ch.Bengal Flamboyant
Eng.Ch.Siccawei Impudent Miss
Eng.Ch.Jokyl  Smartie Pants Eng.Ch.Jokyl Smart Guy
Jokyl Dollyrocker
Fairyland Lenie Am.Ch.Bravo Ironmam Of Santeric Eng.Ch.Turith Echelon of Saredon Eng.Ch. Saredon Military Man
Prelude of Turith
Am.Ch.Bravo Bonanza Belle de AAA’s Jumping Jericho
Am.Ch.Kaktus de AAA
Jazzqueen of Saredon Eng.Ch. Saredon The Jazzsinger Eng.Ch.Deerhunter of Saredon
Turith Feature of  Junaken
Eng.Ch.Shadli Classy Charmer Eng.Ch.Siccawei Galliard
Shadli Party Piece