Fairyland Eva

Am.Ch.Moraine Where Eagles Dare  Am.Ch.Serendipity’s Eagle’s Wings Eng.Am.Ch.Florac King of Scots at Stargus Eng.Ch.Stargus Sea King
Florac Bruichladdich
Am.Ch.Serendipity’s Hosanna Am.Ch. Waggin-Aire Jonah
Am.Ch. Serendipity’s Classy Babe
Am.Ch.Moraine Fairewood Silk Tiger Am.Ch.Moraine Hold That Tiger Am.Ch.Finlair Tiger of Stone Ridge
Moraine Chorus Line
Am.Ch.Moraine Promise in D’Aire Am.Ch.Moraine Nold Goldsmith
Am.Ch.D’Aire Whistle Stop
Faiyland Wonderful Marilyn Int.Sud.Arg.Ch.Jokyl Leader Of The Pack   Ginger Voila of Stanstead Eng.Ch.Double Dutch of Clare
Eng.Ch.Drakehall Diadem
Jokyl Gladrags Eng.Ch.Siccawei Galliard  
Eng.Ch.Jokyl  Smartie Pants
Fairyland Lenie   Am.Ch.Bravo Ironmam Of Santeric   Eng.Ch.Turith Echelon of Saredon  
Am.Ch.Bravo Bonanza Belle de AAA
Jazzqueen of Saredon Eng.Ch. Saredon The Jazzsinger
Eng.Ch.Shadli Classy Charmer