About myself


Julio judging in England. Best of Breed, Eng.Ch. Stargus Sea King

Since I was a little kid, I felt and showed a big inclination and love for all kind of animals, specialy dogs. As a teenager, I decided to bred Airedale Terriers. In 1974 I began studying the breed, bought my first Airedale in 1975 and bred the very first litter in 1977.
In 1982 I judged for the first time. Since then, I was invited to judge many times all over the country, awarding Championship Certificates for the Argentinian and the International Championship (C.A.C. and C.A.C.I.B.).
Argentina belongs to the Federation Cinologique Internationale (F.C.I.) with site in Belgium, through our parent club, the Federación Cinológica Argentina (F.C.A.) The National Airedale Terrier Association of England included me in their list of judges for Open Shows in 1988.
In 1985 I judged in the United States, at the Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan New York. I judged in England in 1985, 1989 and 1994. That same year I judged the most important and biggest Airedale Terrier show in Russia, the Saint Petersburg Show.
I am also approved to judge Fox Terrier Smooth and Wire at national and international level.
Terrier group judge licensed to award CACIB´S in all terrier breeds




Judging in Saint Petersburg. (Russia)