Since 1977

The Fairyland Kennel lies 40km. outside Buenos Aires, in a little town named Tortuguitas. To reach it, one has to take the Panamericana highway to the north. In a small estate outside town, beside the family house, are the kennels. It is a very natural and quiet site, the litters are born and grow up there since 30 years. The adult dogs can play at and swim in the Garín brook that crosses the gardens. They live in confortable kennels, with big outdoor runs, sleeping quarters, breeding kennels and trimming room. When the Kennel was planned and constructed, it was just for the fun and satisfaction the dogs represented, not any business. It began producing four litters a year to work with. We breed to improve the breed, and get Airedales to be loved by their families. Our device: "Fairyland is a big family - join it". Today, given the general situation, and the high costs breeding, maintaining and showing dogs insume, we produce just a litter each year. Fairyland had its first litter in 1977. Since then, it was many times at the top in the breed. In 1978 it achieved the Best Terrier of the Year and 3rd. All Breeds, with Int.Eng.Ch. Bengal Tarquin. That same year, Arg.Ch. Fairyland Agnes was Best Airedale Puppy and Best Terrier Puppy. In 1984 Fairyland showed the most Best in Show All Breeds winning Airedale in the history of the breed: Eng.Am.Ch. Bengal Sahib. That year Sahib was Best Terrier, and 2nd. Best All Breeds. In 1987 the Kennel got four Best in Show All Breeds, with Arg.Ch. Stargus He's a Saint. Fairyland won important awards with Ch. Fairyland Agnes, Ch. Fairyland Big Game, Ch. Fairyland Grace, Ch. Fairyland For Ever Good Florence, Ch. Fairyland Xanadu, Ch. Fairyland Kingdom, Ch. Fairyland Nightingale, Ch. Fairyland Candy, Ch. Fairyland Honeymoon, Ch. Fairyland Diana, Ch. Jokyl Leader of the Pack, Int.Ch. Perrancourt Piquet, Ch. Bengal Leaderette, Ch. Terrydale Backdraft among many others. The Fairyland dogs being shown now represent the sixth generation of hard work and lots of love.