Bengal Tarquin



He wanted to be on a star, and there he is


Mollie and Jack Harmsworth brought Tarquin with them from England. He was many times Best of Breed, Best of Group, Second and Best in Shows in all breeds shows, and incountable times Best in Show at breed shows. In 1978 in the Ranking of the Federación Cinológica Argentina he got the first place in the Terrier Group, and was third Best Dog of the Year of all breeds. He retired from show rings in 1979, winning Best in Show at a breed show.
He was an excellent stud dog, he produced outstanding offspring for three countries: Argentina, England and the United States. His son Bengal Turith Comet, in turn, proved his qualities as a stud, as his descendants are even today the best Airedales in the United States.
After his death, I wrote an article that was published in the Year Book 1993 of the National Airedale Terrier Association, which reads as follows:


Tarquin at the Bengal Kennel with his breeder Mrs Mollie Harmsworth
when he was 12 months old.


Taquin at "Los Dragones"


At "Los Dragones" with his breeders Mollie and Jack Harmsworth



A tribute to Ch.Bengal Tarquin

Everything happened when my companion died. He was a poodle who arrived at our home one Christmas eve and stayed until he died. It was then when I made up my mind to replace love by honour, yes all the love I felt for my dead companion had to be replaced by the honour of having a show dog. That is when I spoke to the Airedale Terrier breeder I trusted most and that had the best quality dogs. When I bought my first Airedale Terrier from her I gained a friend who was going to introduce me in the difficult art of dog breeding, Mrs Gabastou. From then on my desire to improve my litters increased, also my wish of importing a top stud dog. In England I contacted Mrs. Holland of Tanworth and Mr. and Mrs. Harmswoth of Bengal. After receiving their letters I knew that my dream would come true when my choice fell on Eng.Ch.Bengal Tarquin (his pet name was Tack). After all the paperwork, the great day arrived. Tarquin was flying to Argentina, all the Airedale Terrier fanciers were waiting for him together with his breeders Jack and Mollie Harmsworth. Can I describe all my feeling when I first saw him? No, it is impossible. There at that very moment the most lovely friendship between man and dog began to grow. Night and days, many moments and trips shared, a succession of wins the show ring, until he was 3rd dog in the ranking of the Federation Cinologica Argentina of all breeds. At home how many litters of beautiful puppies he gave me, how much gratitude was in his eyes for all the love I gave him! How happy he was every time I showed him my friendship. Years went by, not many, but very closely shared. Then a new stud dog was acquired, Pickle, but Tack went on being a sultan in his small realm, my great friend in the dog world. One morning without a sign that would suggest what was going to happen, Tack was sleeping his dream from which one never returns. In my deepest sorrow I still have the consolation that if there is a heaven for dogs, there will be Tack with his sparkling eyes and his wagging tail, saying, "thank you my friend for your friendship" and I will be here answering "thank you my friend for your tenderness, for all the satisfaction, for all the sons and grandsons that you gave me. Goodbye my friend.

Julio Maria De Cristofaro